Joker 2: Lady Gaga’s Latest Look As Harley Quinn Raises The Excitement Level!

New photographs have emerged from the production, unveiling singer-actress Lady Gaga’s costume and make-up for the upcoming film, Joker: Folie A Deux aka Joker 2.

The photographs appear to showcase a large crowd scene, with Gotham police officers escorting Gaga’s character into a government building. Extras dressed as protesters gather around the star, holding signs with messages such as “Free Joker”, “Justice 4 Joker”, “Joker Marry Me” and “No Justice Not Guilty Not Joking”. Among the crowd are a smattering of colourful wigs and clown masks, of course, reports ‘Variety’.

Lady Gaga’s costume by Oscar-nominated Arianne Phillips cuts between the heightened sensibility of the comic book source material and the gnarly aesthetic of the first ‘Joker’ film.

While it has yet to be officially confirmed that Lady Gaga is playing Harley Quinn, the scarlet jacket and diamond-print blouse certainly would suggest that not to mention the romantic messaging among the protesters and the clown makeup on Gaga’s face.

On Valentine’s Day, director Todd Phillips shared an image of Gaga and Phoenix locked in a romantic embrace. That official image was a tight close-up, while these new photographs feature a different look at Gaga’s character.

Phillips’ original ‘Joker‘ was a commercial smash, becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film ever. At the 2020 Academy Awards, the film earned two wins – Phoenix for best actor and Hildur Guonadottir for the best original score – among a whopping 11 nominations. Speculation around a sequel quickly took hold.

Although the landscape of DC Comics has dramatically shifted in recent months, ‘Joker 2’ has remained largely untouched by the newly formed DC Studios and its co-chiefs James Gunn and Peter Safran. The ‘Joker’ sequel will not play a role in the narrative continuity of other upcoming DC films.